As some may notice there was no August Updates post. While things have been busy these last couple month, most has been behind the scenes and hasn’t effected anything on any live sites.

Upcoming  Features/Improvements

The following are items planned to be implemented into the CMS these next two quarters. Each item contains a general description. There will a more detailed released on each item as time goes on.

Google Maps – Oct

An alternative method of searching for listings. It will appear in place of the normal search results page when the user click on the “Search by Map” button.  Listings will appear on a Google Map as a pin, and when the pin is clicked on additional information will display.

New Designs – Oct+

An extended selection of templates will be made available so sites are more customizable, and have a unique feel. Besides the new templates/layouts a override will be added for color schemes so all major elements on websites can be given a set color/style.

Admin Panel Improvements – Oct through Nov

  • Additional  fields for users to add keywords and other focus related information.
  • Revamped private listing management

Mobile Pages – Nov through Mar

This is basically the ability to view/search listings and use other tools from a mobile phone. Since mobile webpages are coded differently this will be a small project. With where technology is now, there will be many potential additions to this feature.

WYSIWYG Upgrades – Nov through Dec

An improved page editor will be in the works a little later this year.  Ultimately pages will have the ability to be edited from the page itself with some nifty HTML editor tools.