2010 was  an exciting year for the web. There has been an increase in useful widgets, web services, and a good amount of progress of new browser features. Some of which I will share in the near future.

With a new year, I wanted to reflect on 2010 for the CMS and Realtor products. In another post I will go over the plan for 2011.

Focus for 2010 included continued adjustment from the  change of ownership from 2009, clean up of the existing system, and stabilizing some troublesome features, such as e-mail notification and overall web services.

Key Updates:

  • At the beginning of  2010 a REO/Short Sale link feature was added to allow sites to expose a menu link for easy access to REO/Short Sale properties.
  • Several updates were made to the e-mail notification system.
  • The notification list in the admin panel was updated to consolidate new and old notification contacts (previously there were two links), a notification history was added, and analytics was added, which shows up in Google Analytics.

Other Updates:

There were also some changes to allow for more customizable site design, such as custom CSS and redesigned “boxes” (content boxes that appear on the homepage).

Web Site Issues

There is an embarrassing issue that has popped up over the past few months,  causing some sites to hang now and then (affecting only the website, not other services, such as e-mail).  It has been tricky, and is most likely due to a memory leak (something that causes performance issues, but  not a security issue). The tricky part has been locating where the leak is, and I believe the major leaks have been resolved. The site performance is doing much better now, although admin logins are now experiencing timeouts due to the fix for the leak problem.