Web Service Resetting

There was an issue with the web service hanging at random times due to a memory leak. This was fixed by making the service reset itself whenever it ran out of resources (due to the leak), and while the hanging issue appears to have been resolved, an older issue has returned. After logging into the admin panel a user may be automatically logged out at any time due to the web service reseting itself.

I’m going to continue looking into this issue and try out some different options to get around this.

Notification Tracking

A code has been added to the links sent out in the daily e-mail¬†notification¬†(Realtor sites). This code is used to tell when a subscriber has viewed a listing. A column has been added to the notification history listings (accessed through the notification list in the admin panel). Even though this column is showing up now, this feature is still under development. There was a problem where the code wasn’t properly being tracked, so while it can be seen in Google Analytics, the history page doesn’t show a listing being viewed even though it has.